Some thoughts on Project Akali

I've got a number of issues with this skin. It stands out as the worst of the new bunch coming out, and it's also significantly uglier than a lot of the previous Project skins to boot. 1. What's with the holographic hair? It clashes so much with the style of rest of the Project crew, and it doesn't suit the colour they chose for her spell effects. 2. The armour looks way too clean and simple. Look at Ekko, Fiora, Lucian, Leona or any other skin in her price range from that line : All of their outfits look way more elaborate and personalized to suit their champions. Where are Akali's tools and weapons? Hell, why does a warrior like her not have any sort of damage on her? She looks like she's about to go in her first battle with an outfit this spotless, compared to the badass assassin she's supposed to be. 3. The sound on her passive strike feels like it has absolutely no impact to it compared to her other skins. It needs to be way more distinctive. 4. It honestly looks like the top, bottom and weapons were designed by 3 different artists and put together. There's so little cohesion it makes the skin stand out in a bad way. I hope Riot is looking at the feedback for this skin because I've literally beenn begging for a Project Akali skin since before her rework, and this just falls short of expectations when it comes to this particular line.
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