Kai'Sa will never be a true Void affiliate

She's a boob girl in a suit. She's from the desert and talks with an Australian accent. She's not even remotely maddened by the Void, in fact she bleeds confidence, and has next to no fear of it whatsoever. Then Riot slaps us in the face by giving her a fucking popstar skin. I can live with Kai'Sa retaining her human form, but she needs to be a lot less mentally sound given she had to fight for her life on a daily basis, and merged a fucking VOID creature to her skin, which in itself should come with a severe mental drain. She has not so much as a scar or marking on her body, doesn't even hint at her mentality changing when she fully equips the suit, and is the most godawful piece of wasted potential I've ever seen. She doesn't even have meaningful interactions with her fucking father, Kassadin. This is late, but too bad. Every time I look at this stupid login screen I'm reminded of this trash.
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