Skin Universe Lore in 2019: Alt Fantasy, Multiverse Theory, and You

Hello, friends! It's me, Carnival Knights, lead skins writer and growing twitter problem. I've come to you today with a burning question only you, boards, can answer: what are you looking for in **alt universe lore** for 2019? Short stories? Long stories? Comics? Another 27000 words worth of skin bios (yes, last year saw 27000 words worth of skin bios, and we'll probably match it again this year)? Deeper legendary VO? Interactions? Tell me your heart's desire. This isn't a trick. I am not tricking you. But wait! Before you answer, this question comes with a couple caveats. One, I can't guarantee any particular skin universe is worked on, now or in the future. I don't make those calls, though I am part of the conversation and can at least advocate for certain lines to get more love. So if you want to see some really deep Leprechaun Veigar lore go ahead and ask for it. What's stopping you? Nothing, that's what. Two, time and bandwidth constraints are extremely real, so I can't always knock out a 5000~ word novella for every single skinline. I'm always looking at new styles of writing and applications of narrative storytelling for new and existing universes, and I'm keeping an eye on lines I get a lot of requests for (I've seen your Eclipse posts. All of them), but even if X universe shows up again in a product roadmap I can't 100% say it will see a story/comic/cinematic/etc. Three, I can't confirm anything that hasn't already been announced. You know the drill. Sorry, Spideraxe specifically. With those points out of the way, feel free to ask or request whatever you feel like, and I'll do my best to answer or elaborate throughout the day. Or you can check out the [High Noon Gothic](, [Star Guardian](, [K/DA](, [Odyssey]( and [Blood Moon]( stories from the last year. An equally good option!
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