Random idea - The Ionian Wars and their remnants

Hi everyone! Falrein here with some more Ionia discussions! Today I'd like to talk about something quite... Speculative! But what are these Boards for if not to speculate (one could argue it is there to post some Ahri x Wukong stuff too, but this is not what I'm here for!) So yeah, this thread is pure conjecture, as there is nothing to support what I'm about to say. It is, as the title says, a random idea. It's full of "what ifs" so take everything with a grain of salt, and keep an open mind! So earlier today I was discussing Ionia and Syndra with some friends of mine, nothing unusual really. And then good guy Taco mentioned the Ionian Warrior Gods. For reference, they are mentioned in [All That Glitters](https://universe.leagueoflegends.com/en_GB/story/leesin-color-story/) - > Ivory tablets engraved with ancient Shojin parables were situated upon pillars of carved bronze, and gem-studded idols of jet stood watchfully in sunken alcoves. Statues of warrior-gods, each trimmed with gold, stared down from plinths of porphyry and jade. Now this is very random. They could be real, existing entities, or they could very well not be. But for the purpose of this thread, let's assume they exist, or at least existed. I'm sure you're all familiar with this picture - https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/457316449594245150/610031082879844362/image.png > It is certain Ionia has a much longer and richer history than any living soul could claim to know. Indeed, in the more remote mountain passes, the landscape is still littered with evidence of great wars from ages past—but instead of clearing the ruins, the Ionians choose to respect what remains, even if they no longer fully understand what it represents. So we know there have been wars. Against whom? Why? Who won? So here goes the crazy stuff - So... What if those God Warriors had fought against something in ages past? What if the God Warriors were the enemy? It doesn't really matter, what matters comes next. We know Ionia hasn't always been a peaceful land, thriving in balance and harmony. Arguably, balance came after the wars. What if the "enemy" during these wars had not been killed, but instead trapped? What if balance was a way to sustain the Spirit of Ionia so that it could prevent these threats from coming back? And with everything that's going on in Ionia, we know the Spirit is weakening (as evidenced by Syndra's awakening). I wonder, what if whatever was trapped by the Spirit of Ionia, was to resurface because the Spirit can't hold them at bay anymore? It would give Ionia some big scale threats, and some very interesting storylines. And also a huge stake as to why balance shouldn't be broken. Some more bits about Syndra that don't exactly help but could be interesting - Maybe the Spirit trapped Syndra because her destructive power was weakening the land. It also kept her alive because it knew her powers could be useful in that situation. And Soraka guided Kalan to Fae'lor so that Syndra would be free for whatever threat comes to Ionia next. __________________________ As I said, this is just me spitting out some random ideas, there's literally nothing to indicate such thing, no need to remind me! So yeah, what do think of that? I think it'd give some interesting storylines to Ionia, beyond whatever conflicts are supposedly coming next. Something of a large scale event to raise the stakes and make it more interesting!
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