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So no one here has discussed/acknowledged the proceeding comic series for this year. I have a few assertions surrounding it since GhostCrawler was particularly vague about it. _____ _"We're going to hop back and forth through time, with one of my fav champions"_ This being the only clue we have, which is juicy enough of a clue to make plenty of assertions over what that means. 1) Who is the star this series will focus on? I expect most people to conclude the obvious suspect {{champion:26}}. Since "hop through time" or by extension the idea of time travel seems to be the emphasized phrase. However, I've concerned two (what I believe) major reasons why this mightn't be the case. * This Universe contains many ancient & ageless characters, they could easily tell a non-linear story expanding over one champion's extremely long lifespan. * Zilean's quite the outdated champion. When comics are entirely about the illustrations, one would expect Riot to lean towards champions that are not among consideration for full redesigns/VGUs. I just don't think it's _that_ plausible on this basis. 2) Will this series be set exclusively to one region as the predecessors have, or could it expand the entire world? * A story that takes place at different points through time could also cover the history of multiple regions. Example being a history piece that covers all the major wars throughout the world or something similar. * Or it will be exclusive to the one region with the longest standing history- Shurima. None of the other regions extend further back than 1,000 years, excluding Ionia and the Freljord since they've obviously been the setting in comics already. 3) Ghostcrawler mentions it being one of their favourite champion. Does anyone know or have any suspicions of who? I don't know if he's ever mentioned anything before that could help identify. Other than that I would like to see what suspicions/theories other people could come up with. At this point, the suspected champion I'm thinking of is Nasus for Shurima. Covering his gloriest days and self-imposed exile, where they could go back and forth through his (I suspect under 4,000 year old) lifespan.
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