Things that dont make much sense about Galio

This spun circles in my head based off a Twitter post. In lore: Even if he comes to life how does he gain such flexibility, especially in the neck area. How did he learn (language) and immediatly know who's side he was on the first time he came alive. Why was he so prone to smashing. How did Durand build him so fast. What pose is he in normally and does he instinctively go back to that pose when he 'goes back to sleep'. What are those wings made of? In game: Why doesnt he absorb magic? Why doesnt he come to life or heal from magic? Why does he uppercut despite being a 125+ foot creature? In design: Why doesnt he Heal off magic but Darius, Fiora, Sylas heal off whacking people? Why does Galio Uppercut instead of slam downwards, or across/displace?
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