Forcing lore not to have and good and evil is just stupid

Just to avoid having a clear good and evil you're always writing the typical good guys as assholes and the showing the typical bad guys as moralistic. First with Demacia and now with Kayle. Stop it. You're ruining theme. People who are attracted to Kayle are those who like the idea of a Champion being good and actually bringing justice, the new lore ruined that whole champion fantasy. What's wrong with having good and evil in Runeterra? You should embrace it as part of theme and personality. I don't know who came up with the ridiculous idea that good and evil don't exist but it needs to change cause they clearly do. You wouldn't look at someone going around killing people for no reason and say, "hey, that's not good nor evil!" It's clearly evil and it's something that exists so stop trying to pretend it doesn't and stop forcing yourself to color everything gray. There needs to be black, white, and gray for a good story.

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