Underrated Skins, Part 3: Battle Academia

#How is a skinline which just came out underrated? #Why are you not 1:1 with every single thing? #***Downvote, toxic comment. ** Okay, with those people addressed, let's go back to this. Battle Academia. Yes, this time it's a whole skinline. Lore: Battle Academia as a whole is a skinline poking at shonen battle academy anime, and a few others. Most noticeable bites are World Break, My Hero Academia, Baka & Test and DBZ. Splash: Comical school trope splash arts. Summary: Ezreal is in play as a protagonist, in love with Lux; whom is overpowered and ~~is to become next class president. ( Prestige )~~ Jayce is a class president and show-off, rival. Katarina is allowed to kill on campus. Yuumi is an overpowered principal, filling in for a missing principal. And Graves is a soldier turned professor, but he hates everything about it. Classic Battle Anime trope. My thoughts: Let me explain key details as to *why* this is an underrated skinline. First off, this was dropped during the Trials event. More people cared for the event than the skins. Login was rushed ( which alongside Yuumi's release, must have been hell to even do. ), there was no music or theme people were drawn to. Second, nothing perked interest into the skinline besides Yuumi, sadly. Unlike Kindred, who got her own set-separate skin ( to be put into scorched earth ) on release; Yuumi had to be the main selling point for a whole skinline besides Prestige Lux. Not to say Ezreal's Legendary skin didn't stand out, but people wouldn't buy it if they had PF Ezreal already. Katarina, Graves and Jayce, though pleased a lot of those players; only pleased a handful out of the dozens who play Ezreal and Lux. Yuumi's release skin is in this line, and without that; some people might have forgot there even was skins like these. Third, It's forgettable. _I can hear the Graves / Kata / Jayce mains ripping the comments apart with their teeth._ Usually new skinlines try to make themselves part of other, bigger or smaller skinlines to broaden the universe. iBlitzcrank now counts as a Program skin, in the PROJECT universe. Odyssey is a GotG-inspired mini-skin series part of Dark Star and Cosmic skinlines. K/DA is part of DJ Sona and Pentakill's music universe, and loosely connected to Star Guardian and Odyssey. And where's Battle Academia? It's it own universe, still yet to be traverse. It wasn't even combined with Academy skins. If there's no plans to expand on this skinline, even indirectly like Galaxy Slayer Zed to Odyssey, then I have bad news. I _fxxking adore_ this skinline, and even splurged for Ezreal. But without attention, this is going to become Steel Legion. ( <--- Psst that's part 4 )
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