REASONABLE discussion and analysis of The "Chained champion"

#TL;DR Stop making crazy assumptions, there's not enough info --- #So you've all seen the teaser image for the new champion in the latest [Champion Roadmap]( This is what I could gather from the image. --- #The shoes It looks like the champion is wearing a suit. Heels and pants is really odd outfit for someone in the League universe. --- #The chains Only thing I really got to say is are they the weapons or are they an attempt to hold them down? Look at them, they're not under and tension, they're relaxed on the floor. Either they're weapons or the prisoner is just like chill and doesn't feel the need to attempt an escape. --- #Setting The image could be in any one of these regions. The colour scheme implies nothing about where it could be because all the listed regions use these colours in their architecture _(Cuz who tf doesn't have grey?)_ and ANYONE could use gold chains. You can exclude; •The Freljord because no one is going to wear heels in the snow •Shurima because it would be more beige and most buildings are destroyed in the region •The Void, because it's the void •Piltover and Zaun because there would be more metal in the room than stonework And the circle on the floor doesn't imply anything either because we can't even tell what's engraved in it --- #Let's talk about if there's anything I missed in the image and what are your guys' take on it.
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