Solution to Riot Skipping Christmas

We have plenty of great previous Snowdown Skins and if this year's Candy skins are indeed for Xmas, then we get even more. If not then here is my plan. I suggest that we as a community demonstrate how important Snowdown is to us by playing as many matches using christmas skins as we can. I would love to see full teams of Christmas/Snow skins as possible including ice related champions. Also, we should in addition to using Snowdown skins, increase the focus on ARAM since thats a snowy map, and have as many people as possible join in for constant aram matches. This will allow the holiday mood and joy to still flow and show Riot that Snowdown is one of the most important events of the year. Now some people may ask: But Rowanstar, why is Snowdown such a big deal and why do you care? My answer: because i love christmas and always have ever since i was a tiny tot (with my eyes all aglow). And with LoL being my favorite game (due to events and many other things), part of the way I celebrate holidays is by playing christmas skins (new ones each year as well) and enjoying the snowy SR map. It fills me with joy, and Riot skipping this year's festivities is sad. BUT we as the community who love Snowdown can still celebrate and make this a great holiday season. Merry Christmas, Happy Hannukah, Happy Kwanzaa and any other holidays you celebrate!
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