Petition to make the eyes in Pyke's splash art a bit rounder.

Hear me out. Pyke's eyes in the above images are rounder, or at least the glowy bits are, than they are in his splash, as you can see here: I understand that this is partly because Pyke's head is tilted down in his splash. Regardless, I think Pyke's eyes in the first images are better. Not to say the splash isn't cool, 'cuz it's pretty dang cool, but in the first two images, the eyes seem to give off and eerily… *inhuman* vibe. I get the feeling that this man is *unnatural*, that he *doesn't belong* in this world. Now, I can't say objectively that his splash *doesn't* give me the same feeling, but if it does it's definitely not to the same extent. Just throwing in my tencents.
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