There is a severe lack of basic/miniscule knowledge in League Lore

I'm not talking huge stuff like "Who are the final two darkin" or "Are the demigods of each land known across the world?" Rather, I mean basic stuff: We don't have basic champion height/weights and in-game model comparisons are moot points. We don't have a world map. We don't have basic tech levels (I asked a Rioter once and apparently Piltover has gunpowder/machines but not cameras or video record. Which I assume places their tech either in super hardcore radios or...?). We don't even have basic foods of the nations. Before Riot takes steps to tell sprawling, epic stories or reworking champions, we should get some basic stuff out of the way. A size chart. A map. Trying to guesstimate all these ideas is painful for the average lore fan.
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