Can we like, stop bullying Viktor?

Like holy hell. I disliked Ekko from the getgo but the way he talks to Vik as if he's everything evil in Zaun makes me hate that brat even more. Seems Viktor's misguided vision to help humanity transcend their weak mortal bodies is way more eeeevil than Mundo outright murdering folks. Not to mention Project Ashe having nothing to say to Vik than hateful slander. Can we like get some other sources to characterize Viktor other than people who outright despise him? Ever since Jayce's release Viktor's entire character has been mistreated as some kind of saturday morning cartoon villain, with no proper Lore piece to say otherwise and fans of the Machine herald have to try and defend him every time. Like, people actually think he's pure evil based on the sole fact that in an AU he created the Battlecast, some even think Creator Viktor is the REAL Viktor. So, Zaun Event where? And I swear I'm going to lynch some folk if Viktor's reworked lore will make him the big baddie. We already have Mordekaiser to be pure evil, let some "villains" be just misguided people with actually very benevolent visions and goals that may have been tainted down the line.
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