Some suggestions for skins effects (Dark Cosmic Jhin / Katarina)

(FIXED THE IMAGES LINKS) I just had a couple of things i thought would look cool on future skins Katarina: Q: Have a small Blurry wave/s effect once the dagger drops. -E: Have a trail of effects drop in a staright line connecting her first position and her shunpo position. (Example: Sparkles drop from head level to ground level in a straight line) -R: Kata jumps in differenet places in her ult displaying the same animation ( similar to how fiora's old ult's effect) Dark Cosmic Jhin: - Change the name please :') it's like if the devs couldn't decide between cosmic or darkstar.. - Auto attacks: The animation change is insane. He can maybe levitate as he gets closer to his fourth shot ( example: 1st shot= ground level 2nd: a bit higher 3rd...) - E: Have an actual blackhole in there or a supernova (like [this]( - Have an effect of stardust splash once the enemy is hit with w but not rooted like [this]( - R: Have the cosmic constellations at the beginning of the ult shatter / get cut with the ult bullets. Have the planet if hit by the bullet get shattered :O) and maybe limit the effects to the user just like the overlays. And for the ult you can add some constellation overlay when the ult opens

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