Some thoughts on Yi, Wuju and Syndra

Homecoming - Universe of League of Legends
Wilted leaves fall from shivering branches, as a gust of wind blows across the mountain slopes.
Hi everyone! Falrein back at it with Syndra threads... Kind of? Today I'd like to talk about Yi, Wuju and Syndra. _**Side note - I'm talking about Wuju as the place here.**_ ####**_~~What's going on on Wuju?~~_** So, Wuju's that place in Ionia, here - So what about it? In Master Yi's color story, Homecoming, we learn that his homeland is attacked by vines. > They stop next to a wooded area. A baby takin whimpers in agony, its hind legs bound by thick, swollen vines that tighten as the creature struggles. And the closer he gets to his village, the more vines there are. > After another hour, he reaches the barrens. The carcass of a village lies all around him, invaded by the very same vines. We learn that these vines are a consequence of Noxus's attack on Yi's village. > The farmer crosses her arms. “Well, something un-spiritual happened here,” she replies, nodding her head towards the summit. “And without natural magic, the land demands sustenance, even taking life if it has to. _______________________________ > That was before the screams. Before acid and poison twisted the land’s magic against itself. The chemical attack on Yi's village messed up with the mountain's spiritual magic, leaving it twisted, and that's why the land itself seems to try and "eat" life where it can, to sustain itself, perhaps with the living beings' magic/sho'ma/whatever you wanna call it. ####**_~~Yi's dilemma~~_** > Not now. Not yet. > He retrieves a thin reed pen, and a crinkled scroll. The page is covered in marks. > > 60 > > 54 > > 41 > > Yi adds a few strokes by today. Below them are more words. > > 30 days between clearings. > > He knows, soon enough, he will need to grant the farmer her wish, and send his home off in flames. > > But not now. Not yet. Now, Yi has to burn the whole thing if he wants to vines to stop spreading. But it seems like he doesn't want to. Who could blame him, this place holds a special place in his heart... But even admitting he burns it to the ground, the land still won't have any magic to feed on, will it? So who's to say the vines wouldn't come back anyway? ####**_~~Syndra's place in all that~~_** That's usually the part where you tell me "Stop putting Syndra everywhere please you want to see her doing everything" well... That's kind of true, but hear me out! I was thinking... What if there's a way to reverse the spiritual, magical mess on Wuju? Quoting [Scathelocke]( about Syndra - > Without understanding how or why, she is creating "magical fallout" that permanently (?) sours the spiritual energies of the environment nearby. I'd like to focus on the first part. Syndra doesn't understand **how or why** her magic has that strange effect on... Well, magic. So let's think about it... If she could understand why and how it does that, couldn't she use it differently? Magic is often linked to cultural interpretation and, in the case of spirit magic, heavily linked to emotions, so it's not impossible that this effect is due to her being angry when using her magic. While I have some trouble understanding the verb "to leach", I think it kind of refers to the fact that she basically poisons the magic around her (feel free to correct me if I'm mistaken but I seem to recall that's kind of how it works). So what if, instead of souring the spiritual energies around her, she could... Hum... "Unsour" (is that even a word?) them. Basically, what if she could give back to Wuju the natural magic it needs to sustain itself? In her current state of mind, she most probably wouldn't do it, but I still like to think that's possible, at least from a technical point of view. ______________________________ Anyway that was it for me! Tell me what you think, I'll leave a poll as always. This was just a random theory-thread so it's not as structured and well-thought as usual!
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