Odyssey and Lux

Riot, what are the odds that you're going to be sliding Imperial Lux into the Odyssey skin universe? You've clearly established with Kayn's story that he's an Ordinal for the Empire ruled by Jarvan IV, and Lux has that old and odd skin that really seems displaced in the general scope of skin universes. I mean, it fitsfluidly in the universe if we look at her as one of the other Ordinals - she's got a high tech look, even in the old splash, and it favors blacks and reds in conjunction with some Demacian looking buildings. It's not terribly crazy of an idea, especially if we can consider a possibility that she could receive a future VU similar to Ezreal that could legitimately place the skin into the Odyssey universe. https://ddragon.leagueoflegends.com/cdn/img/champion/splash/Lux_4.jpg

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