What are your top three-to-five champion themes?

Now that LoL's backlog of music is available on Spotify, it makes for convenient listening. The songs as a whole are well produced, and at worst they can be called "neat". The obvious thing to do, as fans of anything in this day and age, is to rank them according to arbitrary, personal values. It's lots of fun. Here are my top five! (this was very difficult to order) {{champion:50}} Swain's theme is the ruthless empire, and the rot within. He's number five, don't tell him I wrote that, I'm sure he knows already. {{champion:203}} The Kindred's theme is a haunting, melody of death's pursuit. They get number four for that piano goodness. {{champion:223}} The Frog knows an absolute tune. I'm not sure if the best part is the twang in the guitar, or the deep vocals praising the River King. {{champion:142}} This song is number two because I listened to it one evening, as I lay in bed, and the power of Twilight moved me. It's whimsy with mystery. {{champion:201}} Braum's upbeat Freljord fork and his legendary 'stache were the first things I encountered when I first logged in. I understand that Riot doesn't want to dedicate resources to animated login screens, and wants to instead work toward some sort of universal client. I'm saddened that we won't get anymore login screens, but with Riot ramping up content production, I also cannot not be excited. What are your top themes?
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