TT's removal and implications of Vilemaw/Elise lore

First I wanna say, Im relieved that TT is being put to rest. I want to be clear though, I'm relieved predominately from the lore nerd's perspective. Treeline, as it stands today, is fairly (I'd argue entirely) disconnected from the lore's more modern approach to the Shadow Isles. Plus TT had been this lingering reminder of Riot circa 2012 when they tried to create lore and structure a character IP but failed to follow through on any substantial quality or consistency, a reminder of when the 'narrative department' was clearly non-existent. But I digress. Since TT's retirement announcement. I've started to ponder if the narrative group at Riot have any impression/s about sticking with the concept of Vilemaw, especially Elise's story that connects them. Personally, I've never been a fan towards the second-half of Elise's bio and the particular events that transpire. Which Vilemaw's inclusion is kinda the source of those problems. There's nothing particularly inspiring or endearing that reflects onto Elise's character while she's this monster's 'food deliverer'. Elise still fills the spider monster niche as she is, and as a champion she is of much more importance for the writers to develop actual lore and world-building for (ironically tho they haven't touch upon Elise in years now even with many Noxus & ShIsles updates). Now I understand there are people here who hate retcons of any nature but legitimately is there anything to gain and/or be lost if Vilemaw was retconned? I'd argue that clearly League's IP doesn't need a Vilemaw. However, I am aware that the development of Elise and the TT map update came around 2012, im unsure which came first conceptually but I know at least, one inspired the creation of the other. So there's that for the argument of keeping these two figures narratively connected, as they were creatively produced together. But with Vilemaws exclusion from the game soon, is there still any value with having this spider-monster-demi god-thing within the lore any longer? Obviously, TT's removal isn't indicative that any changes could or will happen to Elise's lore. But hypothetically and all things considered what do you think?
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