Lore confusion: So failed ascendants are "Baccai", and fallen ones are "Darkin"?

This was from a post I made 5 months ago. So in the loading tips I found this wierd info about Shurima. That you can "fail" a ascension ritual and become the so called "Baccai". A thing which are "who often are twisted and malformed." FIrst hand, I thought they were like evil Egyptian gods like Seth of Apophis, but as the lore expanded, it seems like this idea is "Darkin" now. So what are these "Often twisted and malformed creatures" that are MORE twisted than Darkin. Some theories in the thread pointed out, Xerath might be one. But that seems to not if in the picture since Xerath is obviously not a "fail", but possibly even surpassing previous ascendants. ...This is still a piece of lore unexplained which is interesting.
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