Shen lost his story where he teleports to Noxus like an absolute madman to slay a spirit !?

Shen used to have this "story" in his lore. > >[ One of the most fanciful stories recounted by Ionians is of the day **Shen suddenly appeared in the central court of Noxus**. Standing in the very heart of his enemy’s stronghold, onlookers watched in rapt horror as he appeared to fight a terrible battle against a threat they could not see. To the crowd, **Shen seemed to flash in and out of existence**, **wounds blossoming all over his body from nowhere**. Unknown to the Noxians, **he singlehandedly defended their entire empire from an incursion by the spirit world**.]( That story can't be found anywhere ;-; I like the new lore, but I'm sad that this cool part is leaving. {{sticker:zombie-nunu-bummed}}

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