Ruthless Pantheon, in his Upcoming VGU

Please tell me we're gonna just give Ruthless Pantheon the Pentakill Mordekaiser treatment, and keep his current outfit, just on a higher quality model. Pentakill Mordekaiser turned out *amazing*, kept true to the original skin and then some. For Pantheon, I simply want his Ruthless skin updated like Pentakill Morde, and I don't even want new VFX or anything special like what Pentakill got (since it's just a 520 skin, I'm not expecting anything in that department), I just want the outfit to stay the same. If you must change something, change his shield, or spear, or boots or even helmet, just keep his sexy-ness intact. Please, I beg of you. It's the only skin I have for Pantheon, and it's the only skin I will ever _want_ for him. Didn't even get it from crafting. Bought it myself back in season 2. If people want badass, fully armored skins for him, they will have 7 other skins to choose from (if you include his base skin), and one meme skin in Baker. Leave his sexy skin alone for the people that like it please D: (and a warrior going into battle and wrecking people in Pantheon's Ruthless outfit is pretty badass too, imo) ######_However, if you change his outfit, and somehow manage to keep him just as sexy, that'll be fine too. Just don't randomly give him full body armor or something D:_
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