Champions who need some love in the story department.

So as part of my LORE research, I noticed these champions have 0 short stories linked to them. There are three noteable exceptions on this list, with Lucian having a short short on the old boards, and Anivia and one of the other Freljord champions having an Ornn story on their page. Is there a release schedule anywhere on when this list is getting looked at? It looks like the Void is really suffering in the story department, as many of the Void champions lack stories. Edit: I just saw someone else post that Ashe, Kassadin, Lucian, and one other are likely getting new story content soon. Alistar Anivia Ashe Cho'Gath Corki Draven Gragas Karma Kassadin Katarina Kayle Kennen Kha'zix Kogmaw Leblanc Lucian Lulu Malphite Malzahar Master Yi Morgana Nidalee Nocturne Olaf Rumble Sejuani Shaco Sona Soraka Talon Teemo Trundle Tryndamere Udyr Veigar Vladimir Volibear Xin Zhao Zilean Zyra

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