idea for a swain skin

Candidate: Swain Date: 4 October, 20 CLE Swain arches his neck toward the words that hang over the massive double doors. "The truest opponent lies within." "How quaint." Swain's voice sounds surprisingly robust for such a seemingly frail figure. His uniform - more robe than military dress - is wrapped tightly about him, especially around his face.
i had an idea for a swain skin called original swain the skin would resemble his original appearance (pre-rework) he would only have one raven he would have the cane like he used to instead of the demon hand he would shoot his abilities from his hand that was not holding the cane his ultimate would resemble his old ultimate his particles for his abilities would be purple and black so how do you guys think about this idea? comment below Zeta out!!! {{champion:161}} {{champion:101}} {{champion:50}}
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