How were the Darkin corrupted?

I am interested to hear how different people interpret the darkin lore. Aatrox's bio says that everyone who fought the void in Icathia lost something, "...even noble Aatrox." I always understood this to be a kind of PTSD combined with existential dread from fighting the void and this emotional and mental strain was the first crack in the integrity of the Sunborn. However, I have seen other posts that seem to view this loss as being an actual physical/ magical corruption of the Sunborn by the void. There is a case for this from some of Aatrox's quotes: "Am I the abyss? Or did I gaze into it?" "There is a darkness in my heart deeper than any shadow." Even the fact that darkin consume victims' bodies to sustain themselves is similar, at least thematically to how the void spreads, I am thinking of the Frostguard story "The Eye in The Abyss" especially. Personally, I think the darkin story is more poignant if it is a story of soldiers not able to be the heroes they were supposed to be, and ultimately giving into their own inner darkness and greed after living such long lives. What do you guys think?
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