Design first. Sexuality second.

Yes, NEEKO NEEKO NI is lesbian. so? If someone talks shit about her design, its not homophobia, unless they are specifically talking about it. I was in a public discord call with some boys and girls, some of which are very ah... sensitive. I looked at her scaling (120% AP... H MMMMMM) and said, why Riot make a champion that Dosen't have an execution ultimate. read her story, and asked around about why "she can use the abilities of a bird if she becomes one, why can't she use abilities of champions she mimic" and a bunch of questions like that. now normally I don't ask alot of questions during a champ release, but Neeko. Man. new mechanics. so after my rampage of questioning, one of the females started saying "just accept it, are you homophobic or something" I just read that neeko is a lesbian, 2 hours after this event. she also said (not in a playful manner) Don't disrespect a champion because they are gay. of course having 0 political opinions other than that tomatos are a fruit, I got my ass outta there.

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