Let's talk biographies!

Continuing an interesting discussion from [this thread here](http://boards.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/story-art/KzYI8feo-vaynes-first-name-is-shauna-and-other-entertaining-lore-tidbits), I'd like to talk about some characters we'll be taking a crack at soon as a natural course of the revamp. As pointed out earlier we still have a lot of champs that have outdated lore, but for the sake of keeping a clear focus I'd like to hold this discussion primarily to **champions whose biographies are completely dependent or intricately entwined with the Summoners/the IoW.** Without the aforementioned institutions, where did they come from? Why are they here? What do they want? Nocturne, Fiddlesticks, Lee Sin, fourth example. All the champs. All your favorite champs (I make a lot of bad jokes, by the way. I apologize in advance). To give you some insight into our motivations, we're looking at stories holistically, rather than storytelling in a vacuum. What that means is, our goal is to **preserve core personality aspects of characters** while **reinventing the how and why** of their stories to create an interesting and vibrant world. For the sake of this discussion, you **do not** have to adhere to those rules. Offer any crazy idea you can think of! I'll try and check in as often as I can and respond as often as possible. A couple points of note: this is **not a promise** to act on any of these suggestions. As well, I'd like this to stay as positive as possible - if you have criticisms feel free to voice them, but I'd rather have a friendly, focused discussion of these champs. Besides their core personalities, they're almost blank slates! Mostly blank. Kind of sort of blank. Ish. I'll get it started: where should Nocturne come from? Is he a living shadow that kills people in their dreams and impresses nightmares on the waking world in the form of hallucinatory episodes? Or something... more? Share your thoughts! Lets do it!
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