Star Guardian Taric | Soo what you think ?

[]( * Hello just for taric lovers i need to talk about this , i love taric and will always main taric. for me taric is best support . i need to talk about Star guardian taric, why this or simmilar skin is not in game ? more about this you can read down ! please give me answer with poll if you dont love type. --------- we have so manny star guardian skin but its not for Taric . why taric need star guardian skin ? --------- > 1.Ezreal is friend for taric and we all know that > 2.taric have stars(gems) > 3.when he use E there is stars. > 4.also ult have starts > 5.even taric talks about starts > 6.he is from targon > 7.he cutnest person in the game > 8.he is protector with bravado > 9.bravado (weapon) is made from stars --------- all of thins gives me to think about star guardian taric and its borring to see ashe new skin lux new skin thanks for aurelion skin but comeone rito, some chempions have only 2 skins !!!!! and ashe lux annie thay dont need more skins its getting boring dude get ower it man . zoe is new in this game and already got skin ? srsly? . what are you think guys --------- And riot last one stop !!!! Nerf Taric !!!! 5 patch ahead taric got nerfed !!! stop it taric was not popular 7 seasson !! and now he have time to shine !!! no new skin no buff ! its tilts me so hard
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