Old Malzahar Skins

As a Malzahar main, I find it quite sad the old Malz skins are nothing but a simple recolor of his scarf instead of a full spell particle changes - they are more chromas than skins, at least Vizier and Shadow prince. Shadow Prince Malzahar seems like a great candidate for Arclight treatment. He received two nice skins recently in the form of Battle Boss and Snow Days skins but updating his old ones is something worth looking into. Consider for example Syndra or Orianna - the spells of these champions are changed with every skin (for Syndra - Atlantean spells are blue, Justicar spells are white/light, SKT Syndra's spells are red and Snow Day spells are well.. snow). Considering the high Malz playrate, the notoriety of champion, slight changes in particle colours of Vizier, Shadow prince and Djinn would be really nice. What are your thoughts?

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