Lore Power Levels Revised: The Mortal Tier

Last list of this year’s edition let’s go! I’m KatarHero72, better known as Hyper10sion or “The Power Levels Guy” and this is it! The Mortal Tier list is here. I hope you guys are ready to see some of your favorite champions! Not going to sugar coat the front of this one any more so time for the intro! One more time, before we get started I would like to point out that only canon lore is considered. Cinematics are only canon if they are lore or individual champion related, so Twist of Fate and New Dawn are out. Fan theories and “potential” are not considered, but input from Rioters is taken into account, in context. Also the lore must be current, so Institute of War, lores contradicted by the updated bios, etc are ignored. Also I try to be as impartial as possible when making these, else Xerath would have been the mighty overlord of all creation. Alright here are the tiers again. **[The Cosmic Tier](https://boards.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/story-art/JA6nFYMZ-lore-power-levels-revised-the-cosmic-tier)**: This tier is the cosmic level beings. The lowest level of power a being must have to be on this tier is the power to impact an entire planet. They are immortal, nigh unkillable, extremely powerful, and almost as old as time itself. Just to emphasize, the beings in this tier are stated to not be gods. **[The Transcended Tier](https://boards.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/story-art/JrgHo5yc-lore-power-levels-revised-the-transcended-tier)**: This tier are beings with incredible power, either being a being that could single handedly destroy a city or do things beyond the normal realm of possibility. These beings are more than just a human physically, and can endure far more than an empowered human on the same level. They are practically immortal, or are very close. These beings avoid the Cosmic Tier by being limited in their scope, usually to a singular region of Runeterra. **[The Harbinger Tier](https://boards.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/story-art/AAAnjtgt-lore-power-levels-revised-the-harbinger-tier)**: These are the champions with powers rivaling that of an army, or possess a non-combat ability of similar magnitude. Some of these would be Transcended Tier if not for human frailty or some glaring weakness, but are still extremely powerful. **[The Magus Tier](https://boards.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/story-art/erMvo0Zx-lore-power-levels-revised-the-magus-tier)**: This tier is composed of the champions not quite powerful enough to be in the Harbinger Tier, but are definitely more than a physically exceptional human. Most of these champions have some sort of size, strength, or magical power that above that of what a mortal tier champion could typically match. **The Mortal Tier**: These are the champions that are still not slouches, but innately do not have power of a Magus tier champion. Most of them are merely skilled human warriors or rely on a weapon/mount for their power. A majority of human champions will be in this tier, along with a lot of your favorites. **Limbo**: These champions are more or less in flux. There is not enough concrete lore to officially rate their power, or they didn’t exert themselves at all so it cannot be rated. Seven champions occupy this tier, however none of the original four members remain due to help from Riot and directly from Rioters. ***NOTE 1*** Also before we get started I would like to apologize to the {{champion:48}} fans for my mistake in not putting him in the Magus Tier originally, your King has been given his due. In my defense one of the main people who convinced me Trundle was Mortal Tier showed me the morning before posting this that Trundle is crushing a human in his splash, with his hand almost as big around as the human is tall. ***NOTE 2*** In addition I forgot to add {{champion:113}} to the Limbo section of the Magus Tier, my apologies there as well. Alright now that the list is out of the way I can move on to last tier, the Mortal Tier   #The Mortal Tier **Subtiers:** *Gearheads, Inhumans, Warriors, Weaponizers, Riders* ***Champions:*** {{champion:84}} {{champion:51}} {{champion:42}} {{champion:122}} {{champion:36}}{{champion:119}} {{champion:245}} {{champion:81}} {{champion:114}} {{champion:105}} {{champion:41}} {{champion:79}} {{champion:104}} {{champion:74}} {{champion:39}} {{champion:59}} {{champion:126}} {{champion:222}} {{champion:38}} {{champion:55}} {{champion:240}} {{champion:236}} {{champion:11}} {{champion:21}} {{champion:267}} {{champion:76}} {{champion:20}} {{champion:2}} {{champion:78}} {{champion:133}} {{champion:92}} {{champion:68}} {{champion:27}} {{champion:15}} {{champion:37}} {{champion:91}} {{champion:17}} {{champion:18}} {{champion:29}} {{champion:67}} {{champion:254}} {{champion:62}} {{champion:5}} {{champion:115}} ***Gearheads:*** These are the champions that rely on some sort of technology that is not a specific weapon of their own design. Because all of the power is possessed by the technology, these champions possess practically no power of their own. As such they get stuck in the lowly Mortal Tier. {{champion:42}} **Corki, The Daring Bombadier:** This little yordle has some massive brass, and I’m not talking about his medals. He flies around in a ROFLC, or aa Reconnaissance Operations Front-Line Copter, a heavily armed assault copter. He is the best pilot in Bandle City, and his copter is heavily armed. It carried numerous missiles, phosphorous bombs, a gatling gun, and potentially a bombing payload. The issue here is that this is all his copter, and by himself he isn’t the most formidable warrior. As such he crashes right into the Mortal Tier. I’m most impressed by Riot finding a suitable acronym for ROFL. {{champion:245}} **Ekko, The Boy Who Shattered Time:** I hate putting one of my favorite characters this low, but I call it like I see it. Ekko is a brilliant inventor and a teenage prodigy. His most powerful invention is his Chronal Accelerator, which allows him to give Einstein the finger. He can slow time down around him momentarily, making it appear as if he teleports. He can go back a certain amount of time and redo events, but this has a maximum of a few minutes. All in all his Chronal Accelerator is a powerful tool, but carries the entirety of Ekko’s “power.” Due to not possessing any power of his own and being an otherwise ordinary teenager, Ekko gets shattered right into the Mortal Tier. Hit it Pitbull! {{champion:74}} **Heimerdinger, The Revered Inventor:** I’ll get this over with…..RAISE YOUR DONGERS! Cecil B. Heimerdinger is among the greatest scientific minds in all of Runeterra, specializing in the area of robotics. He has invented all kinds of offensive innovations like automatic turrets, multi-rocket launchers, shock grenades, and upgraded versions of the lot. Unfortunately for our favorite supergenius, all of this power lies in his machines, meaning he doesn’t evolve at all, but sticks around in the Mortal Tier. I already made one Donger joke, I don’t feel another is really necessary. {{champion:68}} **Rumble, The Mechanized Menace:** A young inventor with a fiery rage, Rumble is a extremely resourceful Yordle. He created a mechanized warsuit that he creepily named Tristy to show his affection towards a certain gunner. Tristy has a massive flamethrower, electric harpoons, magnetic shields, and napalm rockets that can be launched from a rocket rack on the back. Not the most polished inventor, or the best fighter, but once again a case of building power instead of possessing it, Rumble gets burned out on the way to a Mortal Tier placement. Seriously though who names their robot suit after their crush? {{champion:115}} **Ziggs, The Hexplosives Expert:** This guy would have a lot of trouble trying to get into an airport. Another Yordle genius aspiring to be the next Heimerdinger, Ziggs is a master of crafting things that go boom. Satchel charges, grenades, minefields….if you name it, the Dean of Demolitions has probably made one. Downside is that all his power is in his arsenal; he possess little power of his own. Ziggs’s obsession kinda blew up in his face, blasting him down to Mortal Tier. What would you call a person obsessed with explosions? Pyromaniac doesn’t seem like an appropriate term. ***Inhumans:** These are the champions that have some sort of superhuman aspect to their biology, but it is just not enough to merit them being placed into the Magus Tier. There’s really not much more to it than that. {{champion:36}} **Dr. Mundo, The Madman of Zaun:** He isn’t even a real doctor! The large purple maniac known as Mundo is a genetic oddity. He is naturally large for a man, towering over most people. What really makes him unique is his unique reaction to pain and enhanced healing factor. Within a few hours Mundo can be completely healed from a moderate injury within a few hours, and he enjoys pain. The thing is here we haven’t seen him heal entire limbs or from a mortal wound, making his healing factor kinda weak in terms of practical abilities. The lackluster extent of his healing and lack of abilities otherwise means Mundo prescribed himself a dose of Magus Tier. Mundo in Mortal Tier! {{champion:105}} **Fizz, The Tidal Trickster:** Trolololololopole. This annoying little fish-yordle is a competent warrior in his own right. His most notable feat is beating a large dragon shark, probably most comparable to the real life great white. With his enchanted stone trident he is a formidable warrior, but has no feats or skills meriting the Magus Tier. As such he flops down to the Mortal Tier. God I hate this champion. {{champion:76}} **Nidalee, The Bestial Huntress:** I’ll spare you guys an unoriginal cougar joke. Nidalee was morphed by the wild magic of the Kumungu Jungle into a mix between woman and beast. She is deadly accurate with her trademark javelin, and even more so with her claws in her cougar form. While she does have the strength of a lioness, she unfortunately does not have enough physical enhancement to surpass other champions in this tier, let along match that of the Magus Tier. Cats may always land on their feet, but this one landed in a bad spot. {{champion:62}} **Wukong, The Monkey King:** I’d bet most of the people who play League have never read Journey to the West, and probably just look at it like Dragon Ball. Wukong is a vastayan of the Shimon tribe, possessing the physicality of a great ape as a result. He is fast, strong, and a formidable warrior. The issue is that the degree of each of these is not enough to get him into the Magus Tier, which slips him down to the Mortal Tier. Goku would still lose to Superman. I’m ignoring any comments debating this. ***Warriors**: These are the champions known more for their impeccable skills as a warrior, only one special weapon user is in this subtier. Generals and lone wolfs, scouts and assassins, this tier has a fair variety of included champions. {{champion:84}} **Akali, The Fist of Shadow:** The final member of the Kinkou on this list, Akali is the weakest of her shinobi brethren. The resident kunoichi possesses no magical powers, but is a respectable fighter that has trained since she was a small child. She can chop a chain in half with a chop, disappear in a smokescreen, and kill a man with her bare hands. While an impressive warrior, Akali just doesn’t possess the power necessary to advance above the Mortal Tier. {{champion:122}} **Darius, The Hand of Noxus:** The symbol of Noxian Might is among the most formidable champions in this tier. He is strong enough to wield and swing around an axe, which in real life would weigh at least 70 pounds (31.75 kilograms) given the armoring of the handle and freakish size of the axe head, with relative ease. When michaelcthulu recreated the axe it weighed in at 106 pounds, or 48 kilograms. I’m assuming that a lighter steel was used in my lowball estimate, but you get the picture, it is a heavy ass axe. Combining this sheer feat of strength with his fighting skill and sheer presence as a commander, Darius sits atop this tier as probably its most powerful champion. Unfortunately the Dunkmaster misses the Magus Tier despite his power. **Swole is the goal! Size is the prize! It’s gains o’clock motherf%#$ers! Let’s GO!** {{champion:119}} **Draven, The Glorious Executioner:** It’s not Draven, it’s **Draaaaaven**. This showboating narcissist is a physical specimen and an expert with his enormous throwing axes, which would each weigh in the ballpark of 10 kilograms. He could be extremely quick and efficient if he so desires, but he prefers to hog the spotlight and show off for a live audience. His sheer skill as a warrior and strength are something to behold, but they aren’t enough to make him shine above the Mortal Tier. Want more Draven and alpha? [Click here!](loltyler1.com) Don’t forget to use discount code Alpha! {{champion:114}} **Fiora, The Grand Duelist:** The head of House Laurent is a duelist of global renown. She has defeated thirty fellow nobles also trained to the best that Demacian money could afford. Deadly with her rapier, she even defeated her father, a warrior of fearsome reputation. She even has the guts to fight Jax, though the outcome of the battle is unknown. The issue that keeps her in the Mortal Tier is that she has no magical ability or any notable victories other than her father, so I have to cut her down to size. Jokes aside, why is Fiora the only one that speaks with a French accent? {{champion:41}} **Gangplank, The Saltwater Scourge:** The uncrowned king of Bilgewater got that position for a reason. Gangplank has shot, stabbed, keelhauled, and sunk all who have opposed him until the upstart Captain Sarah Fortune. He passed Illaoi’s Test of Spirit, killed his own father, has raided countless ships, managed a relationship with Illaoi. and is a damn pirate! He is the definition of Mortal Tier, strong without being superhuman. Face this pirate, and get #shiprekt. {{champion:79}} **Gragas, The Rabble Rouser:** This big man gives the finger to the drunken master technique and instead goes for the drunken ass kicker. Gragas is an extremely large man who specializes in fighting with his booze and his mass. He can clear a tavern of fighters with ease, then have them drinking within minutes. Gragas is a solid fighter, but I’m not drunk enough to put him higher than the Mortal Tier. Vodka on the rocks, no olives. {{champion:104}} **Graves, The Outlaw:** Malcolm Graves is the kind of man you see in a bar and pick a fight with…..if you have some sort of death wish. The Outlaw is wanted in cities all across Runeterra, committing countless crimes and pulling off numerous heists. He comes equipped with a massive double barreled shotgun that fires normal, smoke, and explosive rounds. He is scrappy in a fistfight, a master thief, and the partner of Twisted Fate. Unlike his partner Graves possesses no special powers, keeping him locked down in the Mortal Tier. Zoe can be a champion but Graves…...wait crap they gave him the cigar back. {{champion:39}} **Irelia, The Will of the Blades:** “The blade is an extension of one’s self.” Irelia is a warrior who takes this far to literally with her soulbonded blade. She can move around her many bladed weapon with her thoughts, causing it to do everything from become a projectile to block incoming attacks to slice someone in two. She was healed by Soraka herself, became the Captain of the Ionian Guard, and managed to take the arm of one Jericho Swain. While she does manage to shine in the Mortal Tier, a lack of feats and lack of exhibition of her abilities put her on the chopping block in regards to Magus Tier. Frostbutt is the best butt. {{champion:59}} **Jarvan IV, Exemplar of Demacia:** The prince of Demacia is a formidable warrior, a daring strategist, and an ideal leader. He leads his forces from the frontline, leading his people and his troops by his own example. He killed an argoth queen in the middle of a swarm, assisted in the death of the dragon Yvva, escaped Noxian capture, and survived an arrow to the side. With his lance in hand, few mortal men could match Jarvan Lightshield IV. Despite this, his lack of magical power or any superhuman feats/traits that would push him out of the Mortal Tier. He just wants to be a dragonslaying king if you know what I mean. {{champion:222}} **Jinx, The Loose Cannon:** Once again I can’t think up a word for someone who is obsessed with explosions. Jinx is the most wanted criminal in Piltover, with a rap sheet longer than her pigtails. She runs around destroying anything in sight with her trademark guns: Pow-Pow the machine gun, Fishbones the Rocket Launcher, and a taser gun. She kills and destroys without hesitation or remorse, and has avoided capture more times than can be counted. When it comes down to it, Jinx is just a bat-shit crazy woman with some nice toys and surprising uncatchability about her, trapping her in the Mortal Tier. Do yourself a favor and don’t stick it in crazy. {{champion:55}} **Katarina, The Sinister Blade:** The elder of the Du Couteau sisters is a talented fighter, seemingly model Noxian, and apparently able to teleport short distances. She is proficient in stealth, assassination, one on one combat, blade throwing, and swordplay. Kat really doesn’t have much in the way of feats, which combined with her limited range of teleportation leaves enough red on her ledger to keep her in the Mortal Tier. I still ship Garen and Katarina. {{champion:236}} **Lucian, The Purifier:** I’ll pass on a stereotypical race joke. Lucian once was a sentinel of light along with his wife Senna, but became a solo act when Thresh stole his beloved’s soul. He now uses both their weapons to combat the undead of the Shadow Isles wherever he can. He can magically dash a short distance, and use his pistols to devastating effect on the living and the dead. With blasts of purifying light, these guns could put almost anything to rest for good. However without them, Lucian is merely an adept fighter who is laid to rest in the Mortal Tier. Lucian is exceptionally terrible at preventing loss of wife. {{champion:11}} **Master Yi, The Wuju Bladesman:** I just realized Yi is Wukong’s Master Roshi to his Goku. Yi is a master in the Ionian martial art of Wuju, stealth, his one sided longsword, and fighting multiple enemies at once. During the Noxian invasion, Yi and his students helped turn the tide temporarily against the invaders. He even became the teacher to the vastayan known as Wukong. His skill is impressive, nonetheless his lack of magical or superhuman power leaves him meditating in the Mortal Tier. Now if only the Yi’s in my games would be relevant. {{champion:21}} **Miss Fortune, The Bounty Hunter:** The whole fiery redhead stereotype is spot on with this pirate. Captain Sarah Fortune is among the most feared and respected warriors in all of Bilgewater. She engineered the fall of Gangplank, led the defense against the Shadow Isles, has foiled numerous assassination attempts, and became known as Bilgewater’s best bounty hunter. She is a crack shot with her dual pistols, Shock and Awe. She suffers as most in this subtier due from a lack of superhuman abilities, sitting in the Mortal Tier. Do I even need to make a future lower back problems joke here? {{champion:2}} **Olaf, The Berserker:** The pride of Lokfar literally has a death wish. Cursed to die a peaceful death away from the battlefield, Olaf charges into every fight with hopes that he will die gloriously in battle, bloodied axes in hand. He has become a master at hunting gargantuan monsters, from giant frost serpents to krakens. He is a butcher with his twin axes, slaughtering man and beast alike. Despite his curse, Olaf doesn’t have the necessary traits to dine anywhere but the Mortal Tier. Whatever shrooms cause Olaf to do Ragnarok, I want some. {{champion:133}} **Quinn, Demacia’s Wings:** With a giant Azure Eagle named Valor in tow, Quinn scouts the areas most Demacians wouldn’t be caught dead in. She is an expert in wilderness survival, an excellent shot with her signature crossbow, and she has a massive bird on call that can tear a man’s eyes out or his hand off with ease. Quinn killed six men with relative ease, slew a tuskavore, and killed a Noxian assassin. For all her skill and talents, Quinn just doesn’t have what it takes to soar above the Mortal Tier. I guess Quinn is now the go to “Surfin’ Bird” champion with Swain’s rework and all. {{champion:92}} **Riven, The Exile:** Riven has seen some shit. Once a proud Noxian soldier wielding a gargantuan runic greatsword, Riven now wanders Valoran trying to find her way in the world. Her skill as a warrior is superb, but her real power comes from her sword, which can channel the magical runes on it to create wind based blasts that can kill multiple opponents at once. Unfortunately for her I’m not rating the sword, I’m rating *her* power, meaning she can tilt in the depths of the Mortal Tier. No Riven mains, it is not toxic if I don’t camp your lane when I am the damn mid laner. {{champion:15}} **Sivir, The Battle Mistress:** The last descendant of Azir is a mercenary that will take almost any task and kill almost anyone if the gold is there. She can take down half a dozen armed warriors while dehydrated and groggy, straight up Captain America her boomerang blade, and revived Azir with her blood. (Okay that last one was accidental) She killed twenty five warriors of the most dangerous raiding tribe in Shurima for a small fee, and walked away scott free. While she is a remarkable warrior, she too falls to the Mortal Tier without any special powers. Sivir’s spell shield is probably the most satisfying in the game to pull off correctly. {{champion:91}} **Talon, The Blade’s Shadow:** The apprentice of the master assassin General Du Couteau is an astonishing assassin in his own right. Talon is more than an expert in the arts of stealth, assassination, fighting with all manner of blades, and hand to hand combat. He killed several highly skilled Noxian assassins before learning more about the trade from the general, a sign of his natural gift for the profession. While an experienced assassin, Talon doesn’t have what it takes to edge out a spot above the Mortal Tier. *PARKOUR!* {{champion:17}} **Teemo, The Swift Scout:** Can I just skip this guy? No? Do I have to? Fine. This little shit is a covert ops specialist, among one of the most dangerous Yordles alive. He is an artist when it comes to stealth, and is always equipped with his signature dart gun and poison tipped ammunition. Athletic for his size and a merciless killer, Teemo is a force to be reckoned with in Bandle City. He’s still stuck in the Mortal Tier. Rot in power level hell you stupid badger. {{champion:18}} **Tristana, The Yordle Gunner:** This is a pint sized guerrilla who will leave you wishing you’d been somewhere else. She is an incredible shot with her cannon, Boomer, to the point that she fishes by shooting the fish. This is also a cannon with a barrel about as big around as her head. She can dodge arrows, rocket jump with her cannon, and take out several experienced warriors with little effort. Skill doesn’t get you into Magus Tier though, so Tristana will have to settle for jumping in Mortal Tier. This might be the only rocket jump that makes sense as far as physics goes. {{champion:29}} **Twitch, The Plague Rat:** I know several people who refuse to play this champion due to a fear of rats. This 4’9, 1.44 meter, giant mutated rat roams the sewers of Zaun. He wields a crossbow that he seems to be a fairly good shot with, along with some toxic liquids of unknown composition, There is really not much to this guy character or variety wise, he’d Mortal Tier. Even so, *Rexpeita!* {{champion:67}} **Vayne, The Night Hunter:** I think Vayne might be as sadistic as her mains are masochistic. Shauna Vayne is a Demacian noble whose parents were killed by the demoness Evelynn. She now hunts everything that goes bump in the night with no remorse or regrets. Armed with her crossbow and deadly silver bolts, none of the monsters are safe from this leather clad huntress. Despite her combat prowess, he still has no powers. She stalks the Mortal Tier for the time being. Seriously though this is one cold bitch. {{champion:5}} **Xin Zhao, The Seneschal of Demacia:** You know, I have no idea how to pronounce Seneschal. Xin Zhao is a former pit fighter turned personal steward of the Lightshield dynasty, and has the fighting skill to match. He was slated to fight 300 combatants in the arena, but never actually got the chance. We know he is a deadly spearfighter, but not much beyond that. Due to a lack of feats and magical abilities, Xin is confined to the Mortal Tier. Another thing I just realized, I am probably pronouncing his name incorrectly. ***Weaponizers:*** This is the subtier that will get me the most hate. These are the champions that rely on their weapons as their source of power, and are lacking without their chosen tool. Most aren’t truly warriors, and those who are are given so much power by the weapon that I am putting them here for emphasis. {{champion:51}} **Caitlyn, The Sheriff of Piltover:** While Vayne has the brooding hatred of Batman, Caitlyn has the brains of Great Detective. She can analyze a situation in moments and deduce otherwise miniscule details fast enough to detect when someone had been paid to send her the wrong way after a few seconds. Her main power though lies in her massive hextech rifle. The gun can fire standard, net, and disabling rounds with high accuracy and precision, and Caitlyn is a damn good shot. She has the brains, beauty, and a hell of a gun, but Caitlyn doesn’t have enough without the rifle to get out of Mortal Tier. God Cait needs a visual rework, that outfit is ridiculous. {{champion:81}} **Ezreal, The Prodigal Explorer:** The nicer of the two arrogant pretty boys, Ezreal is an explorer and adventurer, Valoran’s own Indiana Jones. He is gifted athletically and mentally, as shown in his discovery and traversing of the most dangerous tombs and sites all across the continent. He wears the Gauntlet of Ne’Zuk, which allows him to teleport short distances, fire blasts of energy, and funnel his own energy into the gauntlet to create massive shockwaves, albeit with varying charge times. The key point here is that the glove has all the power, and that Ezreal has little to none of his own, arcane shifting him into the Mortal Tier. I’m kind of disappointed that in Ezreal’s lore he isn’t chased by a giant rolling boulder. {{champion:126}} **Jayce, The Defender of Tomorrow:** More like the asshole of today. Jayce is an arrogant yet brilliant inventor, and a symbol to the people of Piltover. He exudes the “douche” stereotype with every pore, often ignoring others he thinks himself more intelligent than, which he most often times is. He wields his custom designed Mercury Hammer, a dual threat weapon that can act as a ranged cannon or a melee hammer capable of generating an electrical field. Jayce, like the rest of this subtier, has no power of his own without his weapon, relegating him to the Mortal Tier. Just reading Jayce and Viktor’s lores make me hate this guy even more than I already did. {{champion:38}} **Kassadin, The Void Walker:** Kassadin is a special case I like to call BBR. Boned By Riot. Previously Kassadin was a man who was trapped inside the Void for a time, morphing his body and mind to the point that the Void was integrated. Now with the lore update? All of his power comes from artifacts, which allow him to teleport, wield an energy blade, and channel Void energy into his attacks. It sucks that I have to do this, but my rules are clear. Kassadin’s powers come from his gear. He riftwalked right into a wall, falling flat into the Mortal Tier. God that hurt. **P.S. NEW LORE BOYS FINGERS CROSSED!** {{champion:267}} **Nami, The Tidecaller:** Before you crucify me, hear me out. Nami is the Tidecaller of the Marai people, a species of aquatic vastaya that help protect the oceans from a nearby Void portal. Nami’s staff can control the water, manipulating and morphing it to her will and even allowing her to move around on dry land. The issue is that the power is *just the staff*, and without it Nami may as well be a fish out of water. She sinks to the Mortal Tier as a result of her lore rework. I wonder what a Marai would taste like. What? It isn’t weird, I love fish. {{champion:78}} **Poppy, Keeper of the Hammer:** Once again, please don’t lynch me until you hear me out. Poppy carries the Hammer of Orlon, a magical hammer that would grant the fated user incredible power. Poppy doesn’t know it, but she is this hero of destiny. She herself isn’t insanely strong for a yordle, but the hammer adds a little bit of power behind every swing. While wielding her magic hammer Poppy has killed all kinds of creatures out of her weight class: rock monsters, people, briar wolves, and even wyverns. The reason why Poppy rests in Mortal Tier is a lack of consistency in her strength which depends on whether or not she has the hammer, implying that the hammer is the source of all the power. I still want to see Poppy do the Carlton. {{champion:27}} **Singed, The Mad Chemist:** This is one really weird old man. While he has extended his lifespan due to his chemical concoctions, he does not appear to have any sort of enhanced physical abilities to match. He is the definition of a mad scientist, pushing boundaries and ethics even Viktor would not cross. He utilizes chemtech, bio-weapons, and augmentations in his experiments, the former two also aiding him in battle. If he received more than just an extended lifespan from his work, he would be Magus. Instead he experiments with the Mortal Tier, being the toxic proxy farmer that he is. {{champion:37}} **Sona, Maven of the Strings:** One of the top five most r34ed champions, Sona is a mute of the Demacian House Buvelle. When her signature etwahl is in her hands, magic happens. Literally. She can generate several forms of magical auras using the instrument, and somehow manages to defy gravity with all that weight. The issue for her is the lack of apparent magical power without the etwahl in hand, which would make her next to useless if it were taken or broken. The reliance on the instrument drops her down to the Mortal Tier. Expecting a joke? I already made one, reread the entry. {{champion:254}} **Vi, The Piltover Enforcer:** Everything can be solved by fisting. Vi firmly believes in this ideal, wearing two massive hextech gauntlets that give her immense strength beyond what a human is normally able to achieve. She can punch through metal vaults, barrel through stone walls, and kill someone with a single punch. Vi is a one trick pony, solving everything by fisting. However her giant mechanical gauntlets are the source of her absurd strength, with her possessing only the strength of a physically fit human. This knocks her down to the Mortal Tier. Fisting. ***The Riders:*** These are the champions that have most of their power coming from their mounts, instead of themselves. Remember with this one that I am rating the champions, not their pets. Beings like Malzahar, Annie, and Yorick get their minions because they only come into the realm of relevance due to magical summoning, and these champions do not possess that luxury. {{champion:240}} **Kled, The Cantankerous Cavalier:** Nearing Kim Jong-il levels of titles, Kled has earned pretty much every military honor Noxus has to offer. This old and cranky Yordle is an unpredictable and unwavering warrior, usually seated atop a wavering lizard with seemingly impenetrable skin. Kled carries his odd blade with ferocious skill along with a pocket pistol that packs a punch. Mounted atop Skaarl few forces can contend with the High General Marshal Sergeant. Unmounted though he is a Yordle with no obvious magical powers and a bad attitude. Given that Kled is the champion and not Skaarl, he claims the Mortal Tier as his property. {{champion:20}} **Nunu, The Yeti Rider:** Well now we are down to the final champion, the bottom of the barrel, the snowball throwing kid known as Nunu. Nunu himself doesn’t have any power and is just a small child with a big friend. Said friend is the Yeti known as Willump, who has magical abilities to channel the frost and storm. He can eat many a creature, is strong enough to break open a Frostguard cage, and can summon a small blizzard around him. The thing that makes Nunu the weakest champion in the lore is that he isn’t the yeti. Nunu is a little boy with a nasty friend, and belongs in the Mortal Tier as such. God he needs a rework. Alright guys that was it for this year’s Tier Lists! As I got ready to post this new lore for the Void came out, so ***KASSADIN FANS THERE IS HOPE. LOOK FOR NEW STUFF WITHIN THE NEXT WEEK!*** Our boy might move! Until then Guys I have been Hyper10sion, The Power Levels Guy, and I will see you in the comments! **A reminder that this was written prior to the releases of new Void lore.**
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