@riot Morgana's updated profile...

Is this a joke? A cruel joke? Laziness? "Driven by vindictive obsession, Morgana is a potent mistress of suffering and the black arts. Once a being of grace and light, she was ripped from her kind during an ancient conflict that broke her soul, turning her into the cruel tormentor she is today. Comforted by a prophecy that claims she will strike the final blow and gain her revenge, Morgana lies in wait, her lust for power growing endlessly." Ripped from her kind? What could rip her from her kind? What could break her soul? So you're telling me she now is going to have some brainwashed/Stockholm syndrome?! This sounds like something off a lifetime movie already. Then because of that she is going to be evil now? Did you all on the lore team not feel like putting forth some effort? Did you enjoy generic sounding dribble like this? I hope this is just like a trolly place holder or something and you all are going blind side us with something good. As of reading this, I'm very disappointed in you all. You basically took the most powerful and beautiful female of league who was understood to be of decent nature and make her some vengeful cartoon villian in this short summary. You all have treaded into bad lands with this and I now truely fear for Morgana's VGU with Kayle in the not so distant future. Thanks I guess for heralding or at least hinting at the destruction of my beloved character. Update: rioters reav3 stated "This has no bearing on what direction we end up taking with the Kayle/Morgana VGU. We are just trying to get to a place where at least every champion has a updated short bio. I imagine when we do get to a Kayle/Morg VGU it will be pretty different then this." Let us hope this isn't just textual lip service and our lighter shade of grey angel stays close to what we all love.
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