PLEASE Change Arclight Yorick's Voice

Hey there, I've been a Yorick player off and on since he released and I still stuck around after the rework. I don't play him in ranked but he's fun to bust out in normals, which I play the most of anyways, and I'm extremely hyped that he is FINALLY getting a new skin. However, his voice does not at all fit the "Holy Knight" personality that Arclight conveys. Varus is corrupted by a darkin and going for vengeance, so his Arclight skin was changed to remove the corruption sound and make it make more sense. Arclight Vel'Koz has his voice changed around to kind of make holy sounds in the background. PLEASE tell me you are changing Yorick's voice in a similar fashion? I know 1350 is technically a fair price for all the models of the ghouls and maiden and new effects you had to create, more than the usual champion because he has so many pets, but please go one step further. The skin can be a solid 10/10 if you just edit the voice to match, you can even use the same filter you did for Vel'Koz.
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