I'm Confused With A Bit Of Odyssey Lore

Odyssey {{champion:141}} Special Interactions = Rhaast in this universe is affiliated with the Dark Star. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a1FmoA2ZMVI&t=174s Dark Star champions: {{champion:31}} {{champion:121}} {{champion:61}} {{champion:412}} {{champion:110}} {{champion:59}} Odyssey Lore, Kayn: "... Shieda Kayn has ascended to become one of the Ordinals of the Demaxian Empire, carrying out the will of Emperor Jarvan IV himself..." If this assumes Dark Star and Odyssey share the same universe... does this mean that {{champion:59}} is using the Demaxians as unwitting pawns to solidify the Dark Star's endgame? Or is this universe set before the "humanity and his people lost forever" debacle that led to him becoming Dark Star J4?
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