Some feedback on Kayle and Morgana

Hey so I was looking at Kayle and Morgana with all their skins and just had some feedback I wanted to toss out there for Riot to look at and consider. These are all just my own opinions and tastes and maybe not the right thing to do but I hope they are somewhat helpful. I'll start on Morgana than go to Kayle. ____Morgana____ --- One change I was hoping to see just kit wise on Morgana was an increase to her attack range. For being a mage, I find it rather odd she has such a small AA range of 450. I more just want to see the reasoning behind this and maybe see if it can be considered to be increased. This would help her actually fight back against some mages easier since majority of mages and supports out range her. Just wanted to throw that suggestion out there Exiled: Maybe its just me, but I am not a massive fan of the mix of gold/brown with her base kit's purple. To me, it feels a little odd and I would have expected some more redish tones in there. Not a massive deal breaker to me but just something I was expecting when I saw the skin. Victorious: The only things I really miss about the old skin was her Q and the "fire/heat" effect from W. Her Q's swirling nature was very noticeable and cool to see, plus the cage would feel more complete with the top having the ring like the bottom. The W having that Fire-like effect was super cool and I really miss it. The new W just feels a little too...bland, i guess is the best way to describe it. Another note is the E being a little too small and unremarkable. A lot of Morgana's gameplay comes with E so it being so small and faded feels a little sad to see. Maybe if it had more of the golden grid affect in the middle/bottom portions, it would be a lot better! Betwitching Morgana: I really love this skin but one of my biggest issues with it atm is how small her hat looks in game! I would love if the sides were just extended outwards just a bit to give it some more size! Ghost Bride Morgana: This more has to do with the splash art than the skin itself. The eyes in the splash art just looks really weird to me. Most of it is likely from the new light blue glow that wasn't there in the original but I think it just looks a little too bright for me. Other than that, I really love all the Morgana skins! Great work on her! --- ____Kayle____ --- Riot Kayle: I find it really weird how pointy her eyes are in this skin when in the splash art they look perfectly normal. She looks like a futurist elf cop with those ears. Aether Wing Kayle: Her Face in this skin looks pretty rough despite looking really soft in the splash. Its pretty small but kind of was bugging me. Judgement Kayle: Love this skin but I feel like her Animations should have been black or that amber red colour like in the splash. The bright Gold/yellow just doesn't really fit with the skin in my mind. Battleborn Kayle: I feel like her Sword is very top heavy. Looks kind of silly how bulky it is. Silver Kayle: Again, the Sword looks kind of silly. I just kind of am laughing at how bulky it is. I do have a similar issue with it that I have with Judgement which is the animation colours I wish were more of a silver colour than the gold/yellow. To me, it just doesn't fit as well as maybe a more silver colour would. Viridian Kayle: Her Sword looks very curved in the splash but is very straight in the skin. Its more like a curve sword in the splash but a straight sword in-game. Also her hair colour looks lighter in the splash but it seems pretty dark in game. Though this is probably basic of the lighting. No comment on Base since my issues are already being looked at (the armor). Though I am not a huge fan of her anime hair style tbh. --- Other than that, that was everything I had to say regarding the new kayle and morgana! I am looking forward to them on live and thank you for reading :)

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