Question for Kindlejack, if he sees this

I'm pretty excited for the new Fiddle sticks VGU. I have just finished playing the new Resident Evil 2 remake, and I don't think I was ever more scared in a video game than when Mr. X surprised me as he came stomping after me in a Licker filled hallway. This isn't related to League, but I just wanted to demonstrate a moment where in a video game I actually felt the Fight or Flight responses IRL. My question: what kind of horror theme are you channeling into new Fiddlesticks? Jump scares? Ambient fear? Unstoppable horror (like Mr. X)? I know you probably can't wait to show us, and we can't wait to see it... but I was hoping for maybe a small hint. I'm really excited to play him, I enjoy playing champions that put "fear" into enemy players without actually using a fear mechanic. Warwick's ambient music chiming on when an enemy champion is below 50% HP, I friggin love that. You can sometimes see the apprehension in players when that dings on. I'm hoping Fiddlesticks is similar or better.
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