Hero of Demacia?

Demacia is now split between the mages and the loyalists, and only one person can keep Demacia whole: the true wielder of the Hammer of Orlon, the Slayer of many beasts and bandits, the Hero of Demacia. {{sticker:poppy-wink}} If/an eternity from now/when Riot expands more following the events of the Lux comic/Aftermath short story, Poppy will show up and end the confrontation once and for all. But the question that comes to mind more often than if they will advance her story is... what purpose will she serve after she has already accepted that she IS the Hero of Demacia and has already done the duty that which is bestowed up her? Easy answer is she is to become the next Seneschal, likely to become {{champion:5}} Xin's student until she fully replaces him when he retires. He may even teach her a thing or two about her hammer techniques, considering he mastered Drakebane, another weapon crafted by Orlon, to teach {{champion:59}} Jarvan IV how to use it. This would likely imply a rework, since while she isn't high priority, she's... clunky. Of course, this also asks what will come of {{champion:517}} Sylas (afaik they won't _kill_ a champion), and how to unify Demacia without killing him. Granted, he's basically escaped into self-exile, so maybe this isn't where she pops up and Sylas simply goes on his own and creates his own Demacia-hating mage nation. Who knows.
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