Plot Armor In League of Legend Lore (All Champs that Playable)

Every Characters that u can play in the lore will never be kill or die (Destroy) because Plot Armor 100% as Moba Game lore is. No one will die....the Lore will keep on Time line to Timeline and Generation untill even we had family and child.(They will play it after us) but the Other universe skin u can know that someone die or be kill as a skin but Dead(Destroy) will not happen in the main lore. Factor 1.Fanbase Characters Players (Champion Dead(Destroy) in the Lore will not happen) 2.They are Family Theory (All Champions is Our Family) 3.Plot " I will be back" yes somehow they will be back from Dead or Destroy When we read the lore we dont need to worry that someone will Die(Destroy) if they r champions. (Still cant Imagine if some characters Die(Destroy) in the lore Permenently as story canon) "Legend Never Die"
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