So Bilgewater needs a Saviour, but who might it be?

So Bilgewater's kinda screwed right now. Like super screwed. It's not even funny how screwed they are right now. Some of you may be asking yourself, why is that? Well allow me to give you a bit of context! Bilgewater is located in the same sea as the Shadow Isles, and has been subject to some abuse from the land of the living dead in the form of the Harrowing. The Harrowing is an event that comes around every few years where the black mist reaches out across the sea from the Shadow Isles, carrying with it monstrous undead abominations. Now in the past these weren't of major concern to anyone, but in the last fifty years things have been heating up in ways no one in Bilgewater really wants. Fifty years, ten harrowings, with each getting progressively further out in to the sea and coming ever closer to completely annihilating Bilgewater. To recap on how these events transpired, here's a link to “First Light after the Harrowing”, a bit of lore that was released following last year's night of terror. **DISCLAIMER: Now I'd like to elaborate on how this thing works because it's a bit unclear, but keep in mind this is how I personally understand this. I might have the wrong impression of how things are actually going on. ** As far as I can tell the Harrowings are listed in order of severity, ranked from the worst to the least impactful of the last fifty years, with the year denoting how long ago since the present day they have occurred. Now going by this, the last Harrowing was the tenth, with the three top Harrowings being separate parts of the same event: Nautilus meets the Harrowing head on and stalls it, forcing its forces to split. Some go north and some go east. The forces that went north arrive at Smuggler's Cove and reap it completely, leaving no survivors. The forces that went east were met by a unified armada headed by Gangplank and Miss Fortune, who managed to somehow have negotiate a temporary armistice to protect Bilgewater. They repelled the Harrowing but at the cost of many, many lives. Again, my interpretation might be wrong, and these might all be separate events occurring over the span of a few years, but regardless one thing remains the same: the last Harrowing was only repelled by a unified force of Bounty Hunters, Gangs and Pirates, headed by Bilgewater's most notable champions, and even then casualties were high. This year, things are different. The aftermath of Burning Tides left Bilgewater in chaos. Gangplank was assumed dead, and his control over Bilgewater was lost. Gangs turned on each other and anarchy spread through the streets, which is something Miss Fortune definitely didn't expect. In Miss Fortune's quest for revenge she ultimately doomed the entirety of Bilgewater and the Blue Flame Isles. With Gangplank having been deposed and chaos across the port town there's no one to unify the people, and the Harrowing's right around the corner. There's no united armada, no force to stand against the Shadow Isles; there may be no light after the Harrowing this time. Three words my friends: _Bilgewater. Is. Fucked._ Or is it? A few sly comments from Rioters have hinted towards a “saviour” of Bilgewater. Perhaps not a hero, perhaps not even intentionally being a saviour, but regardless someone will be there to intervene, to at least give the port town a fighting chance. Someone who can stem the fell tide. _But who?_ Perhaps Kindred? Would they feel obligated to stop this corruption of life and death, or will they simply watch from the side lines? Could Miss Fortune or Gangplank still rally Bilgewater? Doubtful considering the current situation, but a possibility right? Nautilus stood against the Harrowing once before and seemed to be able to at least keep some of it at bay. Could be step in for a second time? Perhaps it could be Nami? Could she perhaps call upon the seas themselves to protect Bilgewater, or perhaps coerce some mighty sea beasts to fight for their cause? Or maybe someone else who hasn't even appeared yet? A new face, a new champion, perhaps something completely unexpected. So I'd like to ask you all, who do you think could be Bilgewater's saviour? Will Bilgewater rally? Will the sea come to their aid? Will death itself come to stop the Harrowing, or something else entirely? Hell maybe there will be no saviour, or this “saviour” fails, leaving the port town to be destroyed! My money's on Nami, but I'd love to hear what you guys think. EDIT: I'm blown away by the response, thanks for giving your thoughts guys, and also for reminding me of some important people I neglected to include! ({{champion:266}} {{champion:432}} {{champion:105}} {{champion:223}})
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