Rakan, is too good for Xayah. (Rant)

Disclaimer: I'm not a big lore buff, so feel free to correct me on anything im wrong about. Lately, I've been noticing more and more people taking shots at rakan, and his "infatuation" with xayah. The reason I use that word instead of love, is because it seems like there is a meme where rakan is just treated as xayah's fling. In yummi's interaction video, she makes a joke about rakan being xayah's pet. Obviously this is a tongue and cheek joke, and its not to be taken seriously. But I think riot is trying to hint at something and in all honesty, rakan sometimes gets treated like second fiddle in most of rakans lore, and interactions, he always talks about how amazing xayah is. About how he will follow her no matter what, no questions asks. Now while this may seem like he is just some obsessed teenager with no thinking capabilities. The fact he is willing to go to such lengths to keep her goals alive, says something. While in her interactions, its mostly about herself. Her own plan, and her own ambition, rakan is just a passing fancy that she happen to meet. And while there is the occasional joke that rakan and her make about each others death. I feel as though rakan gives more about xayah than she does him. Now this by itself doesn't make rakan super special, or anything but In the recent star guardian lore, it states how rakan is willing to give up his life to save xayah, even if it turns him evil. while in return xayah only wants to bask in it, and give into her lust for revenge. While Rakan is shown to be the typical overzealous lover who doesn't think things through. I genuinely feel as though he legitimately cares about xayah and her own happiness. As for a couple character in league, it saddens me that xayah's interactions don't come across the same. While others may find rakan annoying, irritating, and mildly amusing. I legit think he is too good for xayah, cause she is not apperciative enough about him and the sacrifices he is willing to go through to make his lover happy.
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