Ashe: Warmother Comic Nr. 2 Feedback and Character Discussion; SPOILERS!!

####**_~~Intro~~_** Again, I bought the premium edition on Comicology for extra content and witht that knowledge I make this Post! This is the SECOND issue and it truly delivered. There will be some questions at the end and I hope that a Rioter could help us answer these :) AGAIN SPOILER WARNING" #**_~~Discussion~~_** #Ashe This whole Issue was an emotional one, especially with what Ashe has been through. So the Draklorn (Frostpriests) attack Ashe and the rest of the following and we truly see here, how Ashe is starting to embrace her incoming position as Warmother as she starts giving orders to fight! She is very much an emotional invidvidual and even tho she did not share her mothers character, she is still led by her spirit and way of thinking. I found it very exciting for her to be on this mission for the Bow on her own because it was her real first mission that will make her the Warmother that is needed in this harsh environment. I knew that the mission would make or break her! She did travel for a week, she started hallucinating but none the less she made it out alive.This Issue showed us how Ashe came to be,now she is a true Iceborn, worthy of her name! For one she managed to finally wield a True Ice weapon (mind you the whole weapon is true ice not just a shard!) and she has proven herself in battle. Her hair now white,a true representation of her Iceborn heritage. - Overall Im very pleased with her tranformation, it shows us who Ashe is today and how she came to be this great Warmother #Grena So Grena sadly died and it was so well written and well drawn! She died the way you would imagine her to die, with honor and with pride in her eyes...Even tho she was weakened, she managed to fight until Ashe and the Bloodsworn had time to escape. This scene also shows that Grena has many more Bloodsworn on her Journey to find Avarosas (allegedly) bow. Logren and Ereen were among her other Bloodsworn and they truly protected Ashe the way Grena wanted them to.. This is an incredibly important scene to me because we see that in the Freljord there is no breaking of an Oath, Logren honored Grena despite all the death that was happening around them. - Perfect way of letting go of this character, her spirit strong and unbreakable even in her last moments #Yrael The Oathfather of Ashe, he sacrificed himself for his family. He held off the Draklorn from attacking until Grena and Ashe had time to move. A truly selfless act that again shows the honor that Bloodsworn give to the Warmother and her tribe. Sadly he didnt make it but I guess as a man of the Freljord, his purpose was fulfilled. - A Bloodsworn dies with honor, protecting his Tribe #Maalcrom Maalcrom was dressed in his Draklorn war uniform(?) thus nobody really recognized him. Ashe mentioned that the Frostpriest wielded incredible power, more than Maalcrom ever showed.. Unbeknownst to her it was Maalcrom unleashing full force on some of her Tribe.. We see that the Frost Priests dont wield True Ice weapons or at least not most of the time, they wield Dark ice. The doubts of the first issue on wether or not he would truly harm Ashe are now erased as he is only loyal to the ,,faith of endless cold and to our mistress Lissandra". Maalcrom tried to kill Ashe and now we know that the only reason Ashe was alive so long is because a part of Maalcrom loved her but the other part of him that honors the Cult of the Three Sisters prevailed. The Helmet that he is wearing had a T-Shape just like the Leaders does and it has an Eye on it...Remember Eye in the Abyss story? The Eye is supposed to represent ,,The Eye of Lissandra" that watches over them, Implying that she sees their actions. He also mentions his Pilgrimage to the Frostguard, that also implies a holy Journey to the Frostguard. (Todays Religions also have a pilgrimage to a sacred location) - He betrayed Ashe but that is no Betrayal to him, as the true Betrayal would be not honoring the Cult #Lissandra If youve read the comic and see what she has made, a true cult, a true religion with a following that has no doubt in her cause. She has created an Army, a Fortress and and a Religion to expand her influence and MOST importantly, unlike some other Factions, her Empire never failed, it endured thousands of years, it manipulated for thousands of years. What I find heartwarming is that her Followers see her as their Mistress, their Lady even tho we all know she is a monster (But I love it :) ). They think that she is a saint not realizing that she is actually slaughtering people in the Freljord or maybe they just think that its good for the cause,they trust her to make the right decision... - The Grip she has on her followers is jaw dropping #####**_~~Final Thoughts~~_** I loved this Issue even more than the first one! It gave us greater insight into Ashe Journey to become an Iceborn and it gave us detailed character of Maalcrom. The Artwork was amazing and I loved the Extra content on the paid version.. The Panels really helped with understanding the thought process that Odin had while writing this piece and it also served as a note to Nina for how to portray certain scenes. The next issue is ,,Winter Claw" CANT WAIT!!!! Im Excited about Sejuani, we know that her Grandma had a fight with Ashe mother. I hope that the last Issue will be on the Frostguard, I truly hope... ##**_~~Questions~~_** Now to some Questions to discuss :) (If you dont know the answer feel free to write No Comment) 1. While Ashe was hallucinating on top of that Lake did she actually see Anivia there or was it also an Illusion? 2. Why do the Draklorn use Dark Ice? I know its sacred at the Citadel but still why? It was mentioned that it was more dangerous than True Ice,how? 3. Lissandras Bio Intro says that she still corrupts True ice,so just to be clear the Dark Ice is Lissandras doing? Are they honoring her by using it? 4. What battle took place in where Ashe found her bow? 5. Whos Grave was it? 6. Is there really Avarosas Golden Hall with Mountains of True Ice?

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