God Staff Jax discussion

Hi I'm just a pleb but I had a few points of interest on the newest fighter skin, God Staff Jax that I wanted to share and create a discussion on it. I'd first like to thank Riot for paying attention to Jax and giving him this skin. Jax has been my favorite champion for a long time and its always nice to see your champ be given some love in the form of skin support. Seriously, thumbs up. However, since this is most likely going to be the last work we see on this champ for a decently long time, I wanted to give voice to a few of my criticisms on the skin. First, is easily the lack of lines for this skin. You guys (Riot) but a lot of work into the visual concept and creation, yet, it retains the exact same base Jax lines which total about 6 or 7. This is extremely underwhelming when you do consider this is the first time we've given attention to this particular champ in a long time and most likely for a long time to come. This is a God tier skin, it should be given some unique lines to go along with it. Without it, it just feels like a huge piece of the entire package is not there. Almost like, this was announced prematurely. Was this done on purpose (to not record new lines for the skin) or are we to expect future work to be done on the champion in the near future? Second is with regard to the extra (Asura?) arms. They are used in the marketing of the skin, yet the play almost no role at all. They only have a cameo in the recall, and that seems to be kind of misleading imo. I feel as if it would have played a lot better of the "God Mode" extra Asura arms appeared after Jax activates his ultimate. Have him go into god mode for the duration and during then he grows the extra arms as a sign of his god modeness (not a word). It would have made sense as a theme, as part of gameplay, and as part of the character. Third (and last) is a kind of merger of both points, or at least both points go to support it. Jax is an old champion. He has gone through some changes, but by all means he is out of date. Now, Jax mains still love him regardless of his old mechanics (but we still rage over the "E" bugs) but if this is the first time we're going to see our champ payed attention to, I feel like we should get a heck of a bang for our buck to keep the community sated until we get another pass around in 10 years or so. Just a few thoughts, let me know what you guys think!
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