Now its NUNU's turn to shine

Now that urgot's VGU is here, its time to speculate who is next after Evelynn to receive a VGU and my bets is nunu. Nunu deserves it better than the others(some might be triggered by this lol) because he is so outdated and we need an update to freljord too. If nunu's next, my wish list would be: - don't change the laugh of nunubot lol - give a better lore for him and the yeti - make the yeti very nightmarish - if you don't like him to be a human. you can just make him a yordle since nunu, a human in a yeti seems out of place/generic and gnar(idk a freljord champ yordle) seems doesn't represent freljord because he's place is kinda in the jungle and by that we don't have a freljord yordle that feels in that place. You can just do a VGU for him like the galio/sion reworks to make him a better champ. - if it is really nunu. 6 months prior today will be winter and its nice to have an event circulating around a freljord champ in that season and that would be nice if its the rework of nunu to represent freljord. I hope for another freljord event. thoughts of the next VGU's after my wish list nunu are (in order): swain - we need the noxian update haha. pantheon - he needs a modernization. morde - 2 words; pizza feet and bugs. akali - he needs a modernization with green/emerald eyes and a lot of boob jobs. kayle/morgana - needs to be updated + need some lore info . malphite - i love him GU but lore wise not so much and needs an update. He needs to be an ancient mountain that wants to protect mother nature. cho'gat - needs to have a sion/galio rework. irelia - has a lot of potential to this girl. give her a skill like gilgamesh(fate series). dr.mundo - modernization i guess plus lore update. amumu - clearly needs an update. he is suffering from an identity crisis to everyone (is he a human/yordle?) since riot confirmed that he is a yordle he needs some polishing. fiddlesticks - needs to be a shadow isles character. doesn't need to be a demon like tahm or nocturn. maybe make him like nautilus a scarecrow consumed by the mist in bildgewateror something PS: I love you and no hate :D and this is a speculation for the next VGU after **EVE** and **AATROX** is just a GU.
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