Let Neal Finish Morde's VFX

He's done an amazing job so far, but don't make him leave it unfinished. The passive vfx on the morde skins are great, but they look odd with the rest of his kit vfx being the base colors. Just let him recolor them to what they should be. Everything is so great so far, so just let him finish out the skin vfx. Pentakill (975rp) Mordekaiser has his entire vfx kit recolored, but Lord (975rp too) won't? Reworked Irelia infiltrator and frostblade are of equal value (975), and not only have completely new visuals, but also have (a few) new voice lines. You don't have to make crazy animations, or give new voicelines. I'm just asking for the bare minimum: recoloring the skin vfx. Infernal(a 520rp skin) and Pentalkill have theirs done, so please riot. We're not asking for too much, this is something you are perfectly capable of doing. I get the sense Neal would be happy to finish it, so all you need to do is say YES.
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