Omega Squad Twitch -- from the perspective of a Twitch main

Yay! It's finally here! And as happy as I am that it's here I can't help but feel it's a little underwhelming. * Green particles still? We've had green particles for YEARS. Meanwhile 520 RP Tundra Hunter Warwick gets at least a color change on it particles. It would be super cool if we could get the particles to be red or orange. * He holds his knife with his tail by the blade? Ouch? I think he should hold it by the handle. * The ultimate is lacking in some particles. His normal ult has a trail of poison and sort of explodes backwards when it hits an enemy. It'd be cool if we that. * Would definitely be nice if Twitch actually put on his goggles when stealthing in Q and/or while using ult. * W still makes a "shattering" sound even tho its a grenade. It would be really cool if that could be changed to the same noise that stepping on a OS Teemo shroom makes * In his Ctrl+1 he eats an invisible cheese? * In his Ctrl+3 he still plays violin on a... gun. Could that be changed so he kind of plays a song witht he sound of his gunfire?
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