Suggested tweaks to make the Death Sworn skins scarier

100% scarier Katarina: **New features:** - Huge, open, evil mouth - Snake tongue - Red eyes - Red gem --- I also made a slight edit of Viktor: **New features:** - Lighter colour for his hands to make them more visible - White light added to the eyes and mouth of the mask --- I almost gave up on Zed. That skin is just a mess in my opinion. There are too many edges and colours clashing with each other. The mask has too small details for them to be visible at all. I cannot see the face at all when viewing him at his natural angles. I can barely see it when he stands up to perform the recall animation. This is an issue for a lot of Zed skins: the mask/face is hard to see. You could add a new kind of helmet, or a more complete helmet instead. The hair does not add anything worth mentioning to the skin, so just drop it. Here is a small edit to show what I mean: **New features:** - New helmet - Blue, glowing eyes - Hair removed I think Riot needs to reconsider how one approaches Zed skins, because all the details get lost because of the angle of his head. Just add some massive helmets, hoods or interesting details to get around the problem.
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