Questions About the Ascended as Teachers

So I was rereading Azir's bio, as you do, when I was reminded of an interesting fact: The fact that Renekton had a side-job as a combat instructor of some sort: >He was a slender, studious boy who spent more time perusing the texts collected in the Great Library of Nasus than **training to fight under the stern tutelage of the Ascended hero, Renekton.**   >**Renekton took up the task of teaching the growing prince**, and under his aegis, Azir learned to wield sword and spear, to command warriors, and to read the ebb and flow of battle. This brought some questions to my mind. Firstly, did Renekton only teach members of the royal family exclusively or could anyone learn from him? (I'm willing to bet the former.) Secondly, I'm curious if Renekton was the only member of the Ascended Host in this position. Nasus, Setaka, the ascended/darkin in TOTG, Aatrox, Rhaast, Varus... we know of many Ascended ~~and ex-Ascended~~ currently; I wonder if it was only Renekton who was raised to this lofty position of being a tutor for royalty over the years or if the other Ascended also participated. After all Renekton couldn't be available all the time could he? Surely there were times when he was busy and couldn't be around to teach. In those times it might make sense for another Ascended to step up to the plate and teach don't you think? In any case I will say there's something almost adorable about imagining this hulking crocodile god teaching scrawny fifteen year old Azir how to fight and such. ~~I'm surprised no one's drawn fan art of that yet honestly.~~ Follow-up silly question: If you could be tutored in combat by any of the known Ascended who would you choose to be tutored by? ~~Ya'll probably can guess my answer if you've seen my posts before~~. {{champion:266}} ~~He seems like he was a genuinely nice guy back before Shurima fell, I'm sure he'd have made a nice teacher right?~~
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