Akali's real age

Hey, I'm here to check if I got everything right, since years I always assumed Akali was 22 years old, there wasn't many info about it other than pieces of lores together + the fact that we all knew she was older than 14 when she first joined kinkou. Anyways with all the new K/DA stuff, it gave us a pretty clear date for her, and I would like to know why it is said in her new trivia she's around 19 years old, when in K/DA it even says her Chinese Zodiac sign is an Ox. These are the latest Ox years -> Dates / Start / End 1985 Feb.20,1985 Feb.8,1986 1997 Feb.7,1997 Jan.27,1998 2009 Jan.26,2009 Feb.13,2010 Meaning she had to be born in exactly one of those years, 1985 would make her 33, so that one isn't likely and neither would it be 2009 making her with only 9 years, so it's guaranteed it's 1997, as that's the only Ox year, which makes her with 21 years old. I honestly loved what they did to the K/DA member's age since they focused it all in small details in the champions before they were "K/DA" putting Akali as the youngest since she's "21" (even though I thought she was 22) Kai'sa is 30yo, Ahri is 30-45 vastayan years (don't know exactly, could look more into it but honestly I don't care about Ahri as much as I care about Akali) and Evelynn being the oldest with 400+ years old, which makes it obvious why is Akali the youngest member. Another detail that I loved was the fact that Akali was released in 2010-05-11 , which means 11th May, and gave herself the Taurus Zodiac sign because of that. So with all these combined, which are official info given, it's safe to say Akali was born in 11th May of 1997, making her 21 years old, so my question is, why in the trivia it says 19? Or is it just an assuptions during some time such as... when she left the kinkou order or something? Makes no sense to me whoever said these. https://i.imgur.com/IiN7PoK.png Appreciate your time whoever read this <3
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