There a lot champions that don't have lore at all and Starguardians Pajama Skins get a Short Story

First I'm sure it's a lovely story and I'm sure it's good because I love the stories made by Ariel 'ThermalKitten' Lawrence. This is by no means an attack to her. I'm just... upset. Really. I hate Starguardians because they mainly have the popular champions and their real universe forms get huge load of lore, then they get an alternative universe and it gets a lot lore too. Some champion's alternate realities are more detailed then some of the champions we have in league. But then Soraka has no lore in main universe so you can say that tilts me too. Meanwhile these champions still didn't recieve in the means of lore since the very start of League of Legends: {{champion:12}} {{champion:34}} {{champion:31}} {{champion:119}} {{champion:54}} {{champion:37}} {{champion:91}} {{champion:5}} Plus most of the yordles and Void creatures. There is also champions like {{champion:69}} {{champion:16}} in limbo state. Again I have no means of insulting anyone, it can be just me. It can also be because i hate Lux and Ezreal getting everything. Please forgive me Ariel... but when is the champion I love will get spotlight?
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