New Batch of Texture Rebalances!

Hey folks! Ququroon here! [I know I have a thread over on the PBE that's been sitting up there in the announcements for a while]( (that totally has a ton of context if you're not familiar with this!), but I wanted to cross the streams and open up the feedback channel a little bit. At least for now, because my sleep schedule is OP and because I like you guys. Except for that guy. That guy *sucks*. So here's the link: I'll be hanging out for a bit, so lemme know whatcha think! I'd also appreciate to know who you'd prefer to see, if anyone. I'm curious. Totally. That's the ticket. REMEMBER BECAUSE I GET THIS A LOT. THIS HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH A CHAMPION'S UPDATE SCHEDULE. THIS IS A BANDAID TO A LARGER PROBLEM, BUT HOPEFULLY A BANDAID THAT YOU FOLKS LIKE.

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