Neeko's short story needs work

I think it's pretty tone deaf and doesn't utilize the full potential that Neeko could bring into it. Similar to the controversy with Karma. She can feel emotions right? Why is she portrayed as a piece of carboard in terms of emotional complexity? A stereotypical D&D Doppelganger. It's odd how Riot can't write a light-hearted character into a story without massacring people. It's not like Zoe, who is intended to be viewed as a sociopathic monster. This one just feels weak, and worsens the character with misrepresentation by making them feel far less emotionally developed than they actually are. Why not use the story as a harsh lesson into human experience, a first contact gone horribly wrong but written... I don't know, better? It just feels too similar to Zoe, and I don't see that at all with Neeko's character. Most champions don't get more than one short story, and it feels like they wasted this one.
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