It's sad in the fact that it's becoming predictable which champions are going to get a popular Skin

>* {{champion:555}} Pyke got his Bloodmoon Skin just 185 days ago, and now he might be getting a Legendary at that. * {{champion:39}} Irelia already has 6 Skins [excluding LCS Skins] (fairly a large amount of Skins compared to many other Champions), and her most recent was released 313 days ago. * {{champion:222}} Jinx follows a similar case as Irelia. * {{champion:84}} Akali has 10 Skins and her most recent one was K/DA PRESTIGE EDITION [it's still considered a separate skin from KDA] that was released 253 days ago. Since the whole theme is basically pursuit of VENGEANCE for what the PROJECT has done, and since they are about to RECKON everything for being abandoned by their creators why doesn't someone like... {{champion:429}} seem like the obvious choice, she's literally the _**Spirit of Vengeance**_. But despite everything, at least they are really high quality skins, the Pyke on in particular, really nice visuals.
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